As a freelance sound engineer at Knight Audio, i offers multi-track recording services using the best Industry standard facilities and recording equipment. i offer Mobile recording, Live Events recording and studio recording.


Are you happy with your recording and mix, but still feeling something is missing? i provide mastering services to improve clarity, depth, width and punch of your songs. This service is available globally, in conjunction with mixing services OR on its own.


I provides top quality online and offline mixing services for clients who have recorded their demos, singles, EPs or Albums somewhere else independently and wish to get them ready for commercial release for a very reasonable price.
Before bringing your tracks into the studio or submitting them for online mixing service please make sure:

– that all your tracks are consolidated to zero, properly named and organized
– that all your edits are neatly crossfaded, so there are no pops or clicks
– to bring/send reference material if there is certain sound you are after
– to bring along/send a notes sheet with any tempo or key changes for all the songs
– to bring along/send your own vision/ideas for the mix(es).

  • After everything is ready for mixing on your side, there are number of services available to transfer the files for online mixing. These include DropBox, Skype, WeTransfer,

Price for mixing services vary depending on your project size, project needs and other aspects.


If you are looking for someone to transfer your demo(s) into industry standard tracks, full production service is available. It includes the following:

– pre-production
– arrangement/re-arrangement
– musical assistance
– additional session musicians, if needed
– additional programming, if needed
– bespoke service provided by a top production team
– recording, mixing and mastering

If you are interested in any of the services offered or would like to enquire more detailed information about the services or rates please get in touch 

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